Two Down.

It’s already two years. Say what now.

Before I do my module commentary like last year, T210 and T101 were quite the adventures. Stressful and red-bull filled, but adventures nonetheless. Throughout this journey, I’ve talked to more people, drank more tea and coffee as well as understood that perhaps “debatable” and “additionally” are not words that can be used every 5 seconds. Additionally, DAMMIT. MOVING ON.

I would thank everyone and thus I shall, but as Kimberly says “Fo real tho,” many of the people I have worked with this past year have changed me a lot, mostly for the better I would say. In fact here’s a list of deep-sounding lessons I have learnt (because everyone loves lists):

  1. I can get serious when I want to. I can get fierce when I want to. Sometimes being too nice makes things fall through. (RHYME)
  2. I have learnt to be decisive. Slightly more anyways. At least I decide my food at Makan Place a lot quicker now.
  3. I have learnt something about the importance of computer mice. They are important.
  4. People like to compliment me on what I do like designs or my writing. I should accept them instead of looking down on my own products. Although, some people are really amazing when it comes to stuff.
  5. Okay, so my mind is really tired right now. I wish I could at least hit 5, but let’s be honest, 3 is not even that logical. I guess it’s time for…


  • Feature Writing – #Agora. Nuff said.
  • Media Biz Management – Thank goodness we got the crime show. We also learnt how sadistic Rebecca and I can be at planning murders for episodes. Memories of getting inspiration opportunity from the Kovan murders that happened then both intrigue and disturb me…about myself.
  • Public Relations – RELISH IS SO GOOD. FOOD. YES. Also, I’m doing this for Internship now YES.
  • Communication Issues – Propaganda is more than beautiful words from a beautiful mouth usually accompanied by a beautiful moustache. I’m looking at you Germany and Russia.
  • Radio Production 2 – Intense. Also, I still need to buy clothes online like I promised the guy. Hold on.
  • Entrepreneur and Law – Spending late hours up on the NEX roof trying to shrink my SafeAssign percentage – good times…reasonably.
  • Understanding Financial Statements – I understood. That goes to both stocks and the importance of POA. I’m looking at you, my secondary school.
  • Drama & Poetry – After spending all that time, I realised poetry is more than rhyme. The thing is that it just comes naturally, like how I start sentences with “Actually…”
  • Media Research Methods – I learnt a lot of architecture during lectures. Also charts.
  • Digital Media Design – I’ll reserve an entire post for this soon enough to tell you the awesomeness that flowed through my veins as I took this module. Such beauty :’D
  • Advertising – LOL NOT EATING APPLES ANYTIME SOON, but for real, Lifebuoy is actually pretty nice to use.
  • Principles of Management – My teacher was a psychologist and really likes us Mass Comm students. Cool.



As an extrovert,
I guess I need a friend,
but when I start talking to someone,
Other people have no end.

If you’re a girl and I’m nice to you,
it’s as if I laid a curse,
Because people will start shipping,
making things unnecessarily worse.

The most I’m looking for,
is more of like a sister,
I just got out of boys’ school,
I’m not looking to be anyone’s mister.

Thank goodess,
that my skin is rather thicke,
for others’ imaginary blurred lines,
are starting to make me sick.

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So the last time I named a chunk of text ‘Converse’, it was a poem for my Drama & Poetry class. A poem about how much communication means to me when it comes to any form of interpersonal relationship, though the plot twist was that it ended up being about love (as a challenge to myself to write about romance).

And fun being fun, a poem ALWAYS has to be inspired by someone right? Well, not in this case. It was a case of a created identity, though definitely, examples would have existed.

And when you finally engage in a conversation with an example; when you finally realise how right you were at judging examples; when the conversation is so natural, but so different from your usual self (in the good way) – the satisfaction is truly warming.

And this time, I was in Windsor Smiths.

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Heading the Right Weigh

I get it. I lost weight.


I know a lot of my friends constantly look at their bodies and want to lose weight, but when I do, for some reason I get scared. This post might look like I’m bragging, but I really don’t know what I can be bragging about.

My friends go through so much effort – exercise, salads, starvations (which I SO disapprove), etc. – just to lose weight, and I just…do. I don’t even know why. Maybe I’m doing something right by accident, it’s not like I’m cutting down on my McDonald’s. If anything, I may have eaten more McDonald’s recently.

Everything about losing weight terrifies me. Yes, I am thankful that I’ve shrunk from secondary school, but if this keeps going on without me putting in intense effort, I feel that I should start worrying. Thigh gaps, for example, not that I have them, but then again, I don’t want them – I’m honestly pretty scared of that too. Come to think of it, I’m already starting to worry a bit about how my ankles look. It’s not a vanity thing, it’s just that they don’t look normal to me.

Here’s what a friend once told me though –

“Don’t care! Just eat whatever you want!”

As simple as that, and yet, her words have created so much impact on me. Indeed, it sounds more like something to say to someone who fears weight gain, but I guess it applies to anyone who eats in general. Consider me inspired.

So here’s a mental list of things I may have accidentally done right –

  1. Salads are honestly not that bad – especially croutons.
  2. Rice is starting to taste worse and worse – or maybe I’m bored.
  3. Despite my shoulder – welcome back, swimming.
  4. Soup Spoon Satisfies Self
  5. Does Diet Coke actually taste better? – Yes, I know – aspartame. I’m trying to cut down on that.
  6. For a fact – McNuggets contain less calories than a Big Mac.
  7. The shortest queues in school usually involve salads or sushi.
  8. Does Green Tea do stuff? I think I’m addicted to it.
  9. Does Meiji Milk do stuff? I think I’m addicted to it.

So here’s a mental list of things I think I’m supposedly doing wrong –

  1. What’s a gym?
  2. Ooh! McDonald’s!
  3. Ooh! Fried Food!
  4. Ooh! Food in general!
  5. Ice Cream is essential in one’s daily diet – but I don’t eat it daily.
  6. Something about sleeping late – that always contributes to something.

Though it seems that I have been growing skinnier, mathematically speaking, I’ve been circulating around the same amount of kilos. This just makes things weirder – what is happening to me? Perhaps the abovementioned seems to be a nice balance of weight maintenance. Perhaps I should just continue living as I have been for the past few moments? Maybe I should actually start caring when something goes really wrong, instead of being so paranoid over something that I feel is wrong, simply because everyone around me thinks it’s wrong.


Like Bonnie McKee mentioned in her song ‘American Girl‘, I too was “raised by the television” (but not American).

In Sec 2, I was still reviewing Mr. Fussy for some Activity Book I had to do, because the “recommended books” (eg. MacBeth, White Fang, The Life of Pi) were just too lengthy and picture-less for me. Yes, I got scolded and ended up doing my review on slightly thicker but less common books.

(I still stand by the fact that the Mr. Men and Little Miss series is amazing literature)

I was the kid that adults tried to force books upon and when I did get interested in a thicker book, finishing was a whole different story (no pun intended).

Fast forward to these holidays – 18 years old. A sudden interest in reading (and anime) appears. Is this because of my lack of WiFi while overseas? Is this because my TV shows are on hiatus? Is this because I have fate with ebooks? The plot thickens…

All I know is that it started with ebooks on my phone – Cinderella In Skates by Carly Syms (Don’t read it), Right Behind You by Gail Giles (READ IT), etc.

Though I still have 22 unread ebooks, I seemed to have moved on to paper. A bunch of John Green books, some local crime stories and a 1984 later, this doesn’t look to stop. A problem to the point that my mother (for the first time in ever) told me to stop buying books*. Nope, not stopping. In fact, I just completed Looking for Alaska by John Green and bought Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green WHILE OVERSEAS.

I think this is a phase, but a good one. Then again it probably only shows the deterioration of television programme qualities, but that’s a monologue for another time. (Kim Possible was awesome. No debate.)

However, I’m not in full bookworm mode. Yet. I’m still picky with my books. Here are some of the pointless things I look out for:

  • Realism (I can’t take in fantasy, it needs to make sense)
  • nice cover design (thank goodness for the 2-headed Will Grayson, Will Grayson cover)
  • Thickness. (200-300 seems appropriate)
  • Not a fan of series. (I can read the first book and abandon the sequels)
  • Classic Penguin Books are instantly gorgeous – I don’t even know why

School is about to start, but my book (and anime) adventures are only just beginning. TV shows are also coming back. DISTRACTIONS WOO!

*at least I buy books only if the cover is nice in my opinion, so that narrows it down.

P.P. (Post post, heh) – I’m hearing that some of my friends are WRITING THEIR OWN BOOKS. How in the world?! I can barely phrase my basic story ideas (which for some reason, I have lots). *Applaud*

Fuzzy Wuzzy loves Hell Week

Hell week – Like Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, just that it’s not awesome.

My social networks have been flooded recently with complaints of the infamous “Hell Week” where many assignment deadlines and tests fall on.

The strange thing is that I don’t seem to be complaining. Not one bit. No, it’s not that Hell Week was nothing to me…it was quite the challenge, but (maybe this is my false optimism speaking) I think it was good.

This was when a once viral picture on the internet struck me. It was a triangle, with 3 factors:

  1. Social Life
  2. Sleep
  3. Grades

The picture claimed you could only pick two, and from that, with the assumption that all of them are good things.

Here’s where it actually gets relevant. I’m not sure if I’ll actually do well in the end, but nonetheless, spending time doing my assignments was quite the relaxant. Maybe not in the way that you might think of, but it was this weird feeling of stress, that managed to suppress the other stresses from my life. In fact, a lot of the original stresses came from Social Life. At this rate, it was rather peculiar how much social life I actually wanted. As much as I love the company of others, it is what transpires from those companies that make me question myself.

These assignments have helped me forget my issues at hand, took things off my mind and be productive at the same time. It’s confusing but it happens; I guess people weren’t joking when they said, “There is such a thing as good stress.” We may all have social problems, but it seems that we should be picking a much simpler objective.



It’s like a strange beautiful habit.

Go on about how it’s beautiful and yet fragile, or how a paper serviette can never die. Or the best one yet – a plant, turned into paper, only to become a plant again.

I just do it and I don’t even know why. I don’t even know what to do with it afterwards. Usually, I would just leave it there and go home, but if someone wants it, I don’t see why not.

This has even been a cause to have someone question my gender, but hey, I can’t even explain why my hands get itchy everytime.

Oh well, it’s just me, I guess. Me enough to be my tumblr.