It’s amazing how much my life has changed, switching from Secondary School to Polytechnic. I’m a little lone sheep finally exploring the world. My friends have being making post after post about their experiences in Poly and I’m only starting now. I have nearly a full semester to condense into this post and not make this extra extra long. Don’t expect proper linkages between paragraphs 😛 LET’S GO. (I can already few my typing and word thought rate increasing in a comedic fashion.)

Going from 10 years in a boys’ school to entering a school/class with 70% or more girls. It felt weird, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve become what I said I wouldn’t become. I had no intention whatsoever to start a relationship in Poly, but you guys know so much better than me that you simply can’t help it when the feeling strikes, but it’s alright, we’ll see how this goes. What a confusing feeling I’ve never felt in my life. Welcome to life at 17.

But Poly was definitely the journey for me. Assignments may be piling up continuously (strangely made me a more organised person), and FMS may be living up to its name (Forever Missing Sleep), but with the friends I’m meeting along the way – THE AWESOME T106, T04, MY MCM BUDS and my Inline Skating CCA mates, I’m having TONS of fun learning what I love. (I may suffer next sem though)

OMG INLINE SKATING – I’M BACK. I learnt Backward Powerslide and Soul Slide when I was in Pri 6 and lost it all during my times in Secondary School, however, thanks to the wide variety of CCAs offered in Poly, I can finally pick it up again. It’s pretty amazing, I’m relearnt my 2 slides as well as Acid, a slide I used to have endless problems with. NEXT GOAL – FASTWHEEL.

Camps were crazy fun.

Workshops were crazy fun.

I’m known as the sneaker-crazy, political (, Tea-drinking, Swiftie. Find the link (DON’T TELL ME THE WEBSITE LINK) between all 3. The answer is Athanasius Koh.

I use ‘Koh‘ as a pun alot more. All these Koh jokes.

I have a strange acquired liking of Marketing. I may actually take that in Year 3.

I’m really lazy to post pictures now because of a few reasons:

  1. We’re talking about almost an entire semester, that’s a shitload of photos.
  2. That’s what Instagram’s for (@IcedTehC)
  3. I’m supposed to be doing work.
  4. I’m lazy.

Strange, only 400+ words and I’m already stuck on what to say. I’m so screwed for WritComm   Oh well, let the journey continue!

But before I really end…I just have to  –

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