Week after week after week have past and I finally got to meet up with John today, and it was a blast as usual. Of course, would be better with Daniel around but c’est la vie…

Once again, we hit up the North East Xchange (NEX) almost as if it were a ritual and killed time and threw it down a cliff by visiting not one, but TWO supermarkets – Cold Storage & NTUC Xtra!

Aisle Adventuring as I sometimes like to call it may sound illogical and boring at first, but is in fact a strangely enjoyable process! Those who have gone to NEX with me in groups of 2 (maybe 3?) would have surely done this at least once. Here’s a step by step process on how it’s done:

  1. Select your trolley* (I’ll admit – I’m quite picky when it comes to trollies)
  2. Grab your trolley and get ready to start the journey (Now would be a good time to put your bags into the trolley.)
  3. Speeding is dangerous and wastes time too quickly. Take your time and enjoy the multitudes of products available for offer.
  4. Think of what you might NEED to buy. Think of what you might WANT to buy.
  5. Buy – If you have NETS, nex NTUC Xtra has self-checkout. Way more fun 🙂

*20cent coins work on Cold Storage trollies 😛 (tested and proven)

Ever wanted to walk on the beach all relaxed and all with those close to you, but Singapore beaches have so much litter and animal poop on them that even CIP can’t save it, and Sentosa is a $3 trip to the southern tip of Singapore? Well, look no further and SEARCH no further! Spend quality time with those close to you as you stroll down aisle after aisle…after aisle…

I guess it’s been in-built into my system to use supermarkets to kill time. Strolling around in a trolley back in Woolworths (Australia) with my parents pushing the trolley back when I was crazy young, supermarkets have always brought me a weird sense of joy has it is THE place to start and drag on conversations about life allowing for bonding and catching up. Also, lame jokes, especially in useless aisles like soap or something.

To walk around with a empty trolley gives me a sense that there’s always things ahead yet to be achieved, and sometimes it’s just a box of candy that ends off the adventure, but as I always say –

The destination can wait, the real fun’s in the journey.

Human relation is a huge part in my life and strangely enough, it’s long walks that really trigger conversations and nowhere is more comfortable, more endless than a simple supermarket.

Cold Storage and Market Place FTW btw :3

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