Designing a Gender

A new art form has fascinated me.

Is it supposed to fascinate me?

Then again, how can you not appreciate it?!

The process of not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE intricate designs on a canvas the size of your nail (because duh) is simply something to applaud. The mixing of vibrant colours to create such a variety of shapes and design excites the creativity, especially when creating a set of 5 designs all at once! The most thrilling part is if (and when) the 5 designs not only stand alone beautifully but combine together to become an absolute masterpiece.

Being a design-happy kinda GUY, I have to admit how fascinated I am with nail art. Maybe I’m not that comfortable with getting MY nails painted, but the design process is enough to keep me awestruck 😀

Is it normal to design nails on paper and just let the girls do the rest?


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