Another One

One thing I love about my Digital Photography module in school is the opportunity for me to explore the various depths of Singapore and on 30 December 2012, one of these depths was Changi Airport. There, with Annetta and JiaYi, our legs were jelly, from walking all over the southern area of Singapore and Changi was the place for us to enjoy the air-con and slow things down before calling it a day.

As usual the Airport was full of kids – the playground, the giant Angry Birds spaceship thing, the ball-pit – everywhere was filled with kids running around.

At the ball-pit, the scene was expected – balls everywhere and little kids running, swimming and rolling around with them. One girl stood out, she noticed our cameras and slowly but excitedly approached us, throwing balls at us once in a while.

“Hey there!” I said. She smiled back. “What’s your name?” said Annetta. “Val!”, the little girl exclaimed back.

Considering she interacted us, it was a great chance for us to get a few shots of her. All smiling happily as she played along with us despite being separated by a netting.

At home, whilst reviewing my shots for the day, I finally arrive at the series of shots depicting Val’s cheery nature, and somehow this hit me.

She was like the little excited girl I’ve always imagined my sister would’ve been like, totally opposite from when I was younger. Yup, that sister that never existed. Amazing how this One girl could impact me so much.

So Felicity or Clarice, wherever you’ve ended up in the world, who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet you without knowing one day 🙂

” I have friends who are so close that I love them the way I imagine you love a sibling,
but really I’ll never know what it’s like to have a brother or sister.”


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