One Down.

What’ya know, one year of poly life has already ran past; and for once, I’ll actually admit that time flew by (Usually, it just sneaks past you).

Unsurprisingly, it’s been filled with ups and downs, but after all, this is the course I chose. This is my theme park, why should I scream for? 

For me, polytechnic life was the modules and the mates. I’m as sure as a sherbet now that this path was the right one for me.

Starting with the first semester, T106 was a thrill to be with! Fortunately, I was able to work with almost everyone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work with everyone. I still remember how awkward everyone was the first few weeks, and I was the one just making the usual noise. Slowly but surely, we got to know each other and became a closer class than ever. Remember when our class was top for the first PRMACO test? HEHE. Just when we were at our socialising prime (is that a thing?), IT HAPPENED. WE SPLIT. T106 WAS NO MORE (physically only though). Where was my beautiful semester of modules going? 😦

Then came T102. At first, when I saw the class list and saw my T106 friends slowly getting further away from me, I was all “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE.” Ultimately, being in T102 was also a great experience. The only pity to me was the slightly smaller variety of people I worked with. I really wished I could work with most, if not all, of T102. Nonetheless, as troubling as the second semester was for me – I don’t think I could’ve made it if not for T102. It was a great honour to be part of it 🙂

As a whole there are many groupmates I wanna sincerely thank –

  • Everyone in Surstromming (I can’t do accents, gosh) – You guys were awesome to work with. And boy, did we nail the assignments! 
  • Annetta – We only worked on one project (I think), the Radio Tour, and that was such a fun experience! Yay us! DIGPHO with JiaYi was such a joy too! Speaking of which…
  • JiaYi – Remember a few days before GraComm submission? Thanks for all the hard work and dedication, it was great working with you 😀
  • Dion – WebGra, DIGPHO, man, you were the master! Work with you makes my productivity flow like no tomorrow 😀
  • Nab – Thanks for letting me cling on to you for dear life on projects, you were great to work with and definitely essential in my survival of the 2nd sem, HAHAHA
  • Shanelle – Though we kinda only worked on WebGra, we may have had disagreements along the way, but your perspectives definitely helped me improve my groupwork skills!
  • 87.5% of everyone I’ve worked with for LOCVID – Admittedly, this module was definitely not my strong suit and working with 87.5% of y’all was really a rollercoaster, so shaky, the tripods need to be re-adjusted. Thanks so much for helping me survive this, HAHAHA
  • My MEDSOC debate team – What to say? We owned it and it was a huge honour working with the 3 of y’all 😀

Now for some module commentary – 

  • GraComm – Those annoyed with my typography-rants, blame this. HAHAHA But nonethless, design is one of my loves and I had so much fun with this 😀
  • PRMACO – The President thing is still pretty surprising till this day. The ideas that went through this module was way too entertaining 😀
  • Radio – C’mon, who would listen to this voice on air? But getting to play with sounds and voice was such a thrill!
  • SocPsy – Strangely curiousity-filled. I think I’m starting to look at non-verbal cues in people…hmm…
  • SpeechComm – Easily the easiest module in my opinion. I’ve never been praised for talking my brains out before!
  • 7ISSUES – I know not many people like this, but it was like politics class, how could I not love it? I’m also really grateful for Mr. Mark for guiding us through this module as well 😀
  • WEBGRA – WOW. DESIGN EVERYWHERE! The last assignment was tiring but the presentation made it all worthwhile 🙂
  • DIGPHO – Weirdly enough, my favourite part about this is not the photography, it’s the adventures and strangers-turn-friends I’ve made through the journey of my assignments! 😀
  • LOCVID – Tiring indeed, but the process is curiously fun and watching the work piece to gather is just too great 🙂 Oh did I mention, DVD Cover designing is INSANELY FUN 😀
  • MEDSOC – Taylor Swift is in the Textbook. Beat that. It’s like mini politics class, how great is that! 😀
  • WRICOM – I don’t think I’ve touched this many books before…everything leading up to final essay was the cherry on top! I loved how it gave us an opportunity to learn something totally random 😀
  • IJ – Another unpopular opinion coming, but I loved it! Nostalgia of D&T flooding in…YAY!
  • S&W – Pilates, so unknown to me at first, I just went for it. Now THAT’S a relaxing sport!

What a journey.


3 thoughts on “One Down.

  1. AL says:

    hahaha I like how you describe writcomm “something totally random”!!!!

  2. […] I do my module commentary like last year, T210 and T101 were quite the adventures. Stressful and red-bull filled, but adventures […]

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