One (hundred)

So Crispin recommended I do this 100 facts thing, and since my WordPress account has regrettably been untouched for quite some time, here goes…something –

001.  I have a very strong urge to fill this up with nonsense like “I have 2 eyes.”, “I have 10 fingers.”, etc.
002.  I won’t.
003.  I love to learn. WWII, Paranormal, you name it.
004.  I don’t have OCD, I do, however, have tendencies.
005.  My favourite model of sneakers are Nike Blazers.
006.  I probably enjoy cue sports because it’s all about tidying a table.
007.  I think hair buns are great. (not on me though)
008. I have a weird fascination with the name Bailey (or Bayley)
009. I’m an ENFP.
010. Yes, I do like Taylor Swift.
011. Come to think of it, I have a female-dominated music collection.
012. I still feel awkward in a mixed-school environment every now and then.
013. Any tea can float my boat.
014. My top 3 are English B’fast, Oolong and Matcha in no particular order.
015. Emoji’s are sacred to me. Some can hold special meaning, some can be exclusive to certain people, etc.
016. I truly enjoy meaningful lyrics. (which explains why I have more Canton than Korean songs)
017. Japanese is my favourite cuisine.
018. I enjoy learning about the culture of different chinese dialects.
019. Vexillology is one the interests I have that many don’t really know about. (and you thought I was all about fonts)
020. I’m happy to try “exotic” food.
021. Helvetica is not my favourite typeface.
022. I’m torn between Tw Cen MT and Segoe UI
023. I love knowing how mechanisms work. INNER ENGINEER ME.
024. I have a strange fascination with “24”. (See what I did there?)
025. I feel sad when I see friends feeling sad on social networks and I can’t do anything to help :/
026. Taking Pilates for my Sports & Wellness module was actually very educational for me.
027. I really really wanna be able to converse fluently in Cantonese.
028. I’m a very “on the fence” person.
029. Athanasius adores alliteration.
030. Pretty sure my Secondary school was the primary cause of my fascination with politics. (I might actually reflect this in a post!)
031. I’m so loud I sometimes dislike myself for it.
032. I play the violin.
033. Kohmmunism was originally intended for me to keep track of my own ideals, then some started to like it…
034. I might be nerdier than I think I am.
035. I love drawing up my own lines between star/satellites I see in the sky. Self-constellating!
036. I am fascinated my nail art (not on me though). (Have I done a post on this?)
037. I enjoy watching speeches, live or online.
038. I don’t play Candy Crush. Your Facebook is lying to you.
039. I love speaking Teochew.
040. I love white shoes (unless they’re on my school uniform)
041. I believe that reading restricts my imagination.
042. I read too slow for my liking.
043. I really like reading quotes.
044. My two favourite pickup lines are all computer-related. -NERD-
045. The NEL is my favourite MRT line.
046. I’m still on a mission to find out what Kovan is named after.
047. I was addicted and quit Tetris before it even became popular in school.  -HIPSTER-
048. I often think of how life will be like if I had a sibling or two.
049. I honestly kind of liked Idea Jumpstart (except the survey bit)
050. I’m not a fan of talking about grades regardless of how I did.
051. I love wearing formally. I don’t know why.
052. Talking is great fun for me.
053. I haven’t used filters on my Instagram in a long long time.
054. 听写s are the only tests I ever get stressed out upon.
055. I rejected a girl before and I did it in a very regrettable way.
056. I have a bookmark folder of delivery websites in case of a food-related emergency.
057. I’m often conflicted when I have to put a punctuation mark and an emoticon together.
058. I don’t know how I truly feel about photography.
059. Kids are awesome to me.
060. I don’t really work well with my earphones and music on, the lyrics can be distracting.
061. The drink I buy the most often from MUJI is Dong Ding Oolong Tea (冻顶乌龙茶) – Try it. It’s amazing.
062. I wouldn’t consider myself results-orientated (contrary to popular belief).
063. I have my doubts about the feelings I have towards Jordans.
064. I really enjoy Inline Skating
065. I can’t decide whether I like pool or snooker more.
066. Puns are my favourite type of jokes.
067. I adore the layout of Windows’ Metro UI
068. I’ve had a skateboard for a really long time, but all I can do is move.
069. I once thought ’69’ jokes were about the symmetry of the number’s appearance which wasn’t that funny. OOPS.
070. The “purple” that I love is actually more indigo.
071. I get pretty paranoid by the slightest battery depletion. Welcome to the 21st century.
072. My first phone, like my current, is a Samsung.
073. I once bought a large amount of Sesame Street tissue packets simply because I felt guilty for not spending money during the holidays.
074. Cue Cards and Post-its keep me organised
075. My table can sometimes look like Windows 8 with all the colourful post-its.
076. If I had a brother, he would’ve been named Zachariah.
077. I’m not a fan of the number seven. Simply because it has two syllables while 1-10 (except 7) only have one each.
078. If I had a sister, she would’ve been named Felicity.
079. If I had 2 sisters, the other would’ve been named Clarice.
080. My tumblr URL is deep to the point that it makes no sense.
081. I still have an interest in product design.
082. I like alcohol a lot because of bottle designs.
083. My room has a turquoise wall.
084. McDonald’s is my favourite place for Iced Lemon Tea
085. I am amazingly slow with most blog posts. (including this one.)
086. I actually buy some albums.
087. I love a good gourmet burger joint.
088. The only kind of hats that truly fit me are hats you would imagine a CIA operative or a member of a triad wearing.
089. I always have mints/candy with me.
090. I always use Cream of Mushroom as a soup basis to compare brands.
091. I always use Milk Tea with pearls (50%) as a bubble tea basis to compare brands.
092. I honestly wonder who would read all of these facts to this point, and not just the beginning, end, and a few in the middle. (Let me know if you actually do, hahahaha)
093. Pilot Color ENO’s have always been my pencil of choice since Pri. School.
094. I’ve only returned to Anime in 2013 with Clannad, Clannad After Story and at the moment, Kanon.
095. I was born left-handed, but was trained to use my right. I’m now do different things with different hands.
096. This post is so long, I might never read it.
097. I’ve never eaten Poutine before, but I really want to try one soon.
098. I often wonder what would have happened if I hopped on over to Child Psychology and Early Education.
099. I’ve never been happier by the thought of the number 99, until now.
100.  My name is Athanasius.


One thought on “One (hundred)

  1. AL says:

    I laughed at No.55, and my inner self shouted Yes!!! to No.98. That said, you should already know I read everything. HAHAHA.

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