Like Bonnie McKee mentioned in her song ‘American Girl‘, I too was “raised by the television” (but not American).

In Sec 2, I was still reviewing Mr. Fussy for some Activity Book I had to do, because the “recommended books” (eg. MacBeth, White Fang, The Life of Pi) were just too lengthy and picture-less for me. Yes, I got scolded and ended up doing my review on slightly thicker but less common books.

(I still stand by the fact that the Mr. Men and Little Miss series is amazing literature)

I was the kid that adults tried to force books upon and when I did get interested in a thicker book, finishing was a whole different story (no pun intended).

Fast forward to these holidays – 18 years old. A sudden interest in reading (and anime) appears. Is this because of my lack of WiFi while overseas? Is this because my TV shows are on hiatus? Is this because I have fate with ebooks? The plot thickens…

All I know is that it started with ebooks on my phone – Cinderella In Skates by Carly Syms (Don’t read it), Right Behind You by Gail Giles (READ IT), etc.

Though I still have 22 unread ebooks, I seemed to have moved on to paper. A bunch of John Green books, some local crime stories and a 1984 later, this doesn’t look to stop. A problem to the point that my mother (for the first time in ever) told me to stop buying books*. Nope, not stopping. In fact, I just completed Looking for Alaska by John Green and bought Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green WHILE OVERSEAS.

I think this is a phase, but a good one. Then again it probably only shows the deterioration of television programme qualities, but that’s a monologue for another time. (Kim Possible was awesome. No debate.)

However, I’m not in full bookworm mode. Yet. I’m still picky with my books. Here are some of the pointless things I look out for:

  • Realism (I can’t take in fantasy, it needs to make sense)
  • nice cover design (thank goodness for the 2-headed Will Grayson, Will Grayson cover)
  • Thickness. (200-300 seems appropriate)
  • Not a fan of series. (I can read the first book and abandon the sequels)
  • Classic Penguin Books are instantly gorgeous – I don’t even know why

School is about to start, but my book (and anime) adventures are only just beginning. TV shows are also coming back. DISTRACTIONS WOO!

*at least I buy books only if the cover is nice in my opinion, so that narrows it down.

P.P. (Post post, heh) – I’m hearing that some of my friends are WRITING THEIR OWN BOOKS. How in the world?! I can barely phrase my basic story ideas (which for some reason, I have lots). *Applaud*


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