Two Down.

It’s already two years. Say what now.

Before I do my module commentary like last year, T210 and T101 were quite the adventures. Stressful and red-bull filled, but adventures nonetheless. Throughout this journey, I’ve talked to more people, drank more tea and coffee as well as understood that perhaps “debatable” and “additionally” are not words that can be used every 5 seconds. Additionally, DAMMIT. MOVING ON.

I would thank everyone and thus I shall, but as Kimberly says “Fo real tho,” many of the people I have worked with this past year have changed me a lot, mostly for the better I would say. In fact here’s a list of deep-sounding lessons I have learnt (because everyone loves lists):

  1. I can get serious when I want to. I can get fierce when I want to. Sometimes being too nice makes things fall through. (RHYME)
  2. I have learnt to be decisive. Slightly more anyways. At least I decide my food at Makan Place a lot quicker now.
  3. I have learnt something about the importance of computer mice. They are important.
  4. People like to compliment me on what I do like designs or my writing. I should accept them instead of looking down on my own products. Although, some people are really amazing when it comes to stuff.
  5. Okay, so my mind is really tired right now. I wish I could at least hit 5, but let’s be honest, 3 is not even that logical. I guess it’s time for…


  • Feature Writing – #Agora. Nuff said.
  • Media Biz Management – Thank goodness we got the crime show. We also learnt how sadistic Rebecca and I can be at planning murders for episodes. Memories of getting inspiration opportunity from the Kovan murders that happened then both intrigue and disturb me…about myself.
  • Public Relations – RELISH IS SO GOOD. FOOD. YES. Also, I’m doing this for Internship now YES.
  • Communication Issues – Propaganda is more than beautiful words from a beautiful mouth usually accompanied by a beautiful moustache. I’m looking at you Germany and Russia.
  • Radio Production 2 – Intense. Also, I still need to buy clothes online like I promised the guy. Hold on.
  • Entrepreneur and Law – Spending late hours up on the NEX roof trying to shrink my SafeAssign percentage – good times…reasonably.
  • Understanding Financial Statements – I understood. That goes to both stocks and the importance of POA. I’m looking at you, my secondary school.
  • Drama & Poetry – After spending all that time, I realised poetry is more than rhyme. The thing is that it just comes naturally, like how I start sentences with “Actually…”
  • Media Research Methods – I learnt a lot of architecture during lectures. Also charts.
  • Digital Media Design – I’ll reserve an entire post for this soon enough to tell you the awesomeness that flowed through my veins as I took this module. Such beauty :’D
  • Advertising – LOL NOT EATING APPLES ANYTIME SOON, but for real, Lifebuoy is actually pretty nice to use.
  • Principles of Management – My teacher was a psychologist and really likes us Mass Comm students. Cool.



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